·         C-flute
·         Piccolo
·         Alto and Bass flutes
·         Grenadilla wood flute

All flutes are designed by master Boston flute maker, Di Zhao, who has directly trained the artisans at his factory in China. All flutes are tuned to A=442. Details such as partially-shimmed Pisoni pads, hand-fitted keys, removable pins, and hand-cut headjoints make for a flute with key action and response much like a custom, Boston-made flute. The wood in our grenadilla flutes has been carefully selected, treated, and seasoned to resist changes in temperature and humidity. Each flute is tested and adjusted by Mr. Zhao’s workshop in the US before shipping.

All instruments purchased from NH Flute Connection have a one year manufacturer’s factory defect warranty. If needed, we will provide a complimentary adjustment your new flute within the first 60 days of purchase. To maintain this warranty, any repair required during the warranty period must be authorized and arranged for through NH Flute Connection. Please contact us to arrange a trial.




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